This event convenes leading healthcare executives to discuss how providers are advancing their workforces, processes and technologies for the next generation of care. It will explore major changes that are taking place as patient conditions become more complex and care increasingly shifts to home and community settings.




2021 Agenda

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9:00 AM - 9:05 AM

Opening Comments from the Publisher      

Fawn Lopez, Publisher. Modern Healthcare and Vice President, Crain Communications


9:05 AM - 9:35 AM

Opening Keynote

How Patients Will Redefine the Healthcare Experience

David Entwistle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Stanford Health Care

Alpa Vyas, Vice President and Chief Patient Experience Officer, Stanford Health Care

Never before have there been so many ways to meaningfully connect with patients. From telehealth services to patient portals, emerging technologies are helping providers become more attuned to patient needs and further personalize their care. As this era of innovation evolves, it will be patients who take the lead in shaping the healthcare experience; and it will be up to heath leaders to follow their direction. In this session, Stanford Health Care leaders will discuss their broad philosophy for basing operational decision-making on the patient experience; how innovations in patient surveys have led to real-time, on-going, actionable feedback; and how the health system is using digital health tools to bridge geographical distances and enhance the patient experience.

9:35 AM - 10:35 AM

A Health System’s Strategy for Success: Data, Programs and Partnerships to Drive Community Health Improvement

Moderator: Sharon Lakes, Director of Communications, Healthcare Solutions, Conduent


Anthony Bladen, Chief Operating Officer, CalvertHealth 

Erin Farley, Manager, Community Wellness, CalvertHealth

Mary Golway, Director, Education and Training & Community Wellness, CalvertHealth

Advanced technology and data analytics have created no shortage of intelligence to help hospitals determine priorities for individual, population and community health. But the abundance of data presents leaders with a challenge: how to sort out what is noise and what is relevant data to move the mission of the organization forward. CalvertHealth’s proven strategy to distinguish between noise and the right data has guided them to action and investments around the most important health priorities for the immediate and future benefit of the residents of Calvert County, Maryland.


In this presentation, attendees will learn how CalvertHealth developed: 

  • A proven process to identify, track and measure top community health priorities. 

  • Relevant data to justify special emphasis on populations experiencing health disparities. 

  • A Health Ministry Network to engage a broad range of community partners (including 25 churches) that further extend targeted programs. 

  • A game plan to address unmet health needs and gaps in services with targeted resources and investment.

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10:35 AM - 11:35 AM

What Will Employer Benefits in the Future Mean for Providers?


Andrew Harris, Vice President, Health System Partnerships, Paytient Technologies 

Wes Pass, Senior Vice President, Provider Product & Strategy, Paytient Technologies

Kevin Szelagowski, Area Executive Vice President, Gallagher Insurance Point

Following the pandemic, companies are facing talent retention concerns, a challenging hiring market, and an unprecedented move towards being self-insured to reduce cost. How will employee benefits change for companies in the future and how will that impact providers in their market?


In this session, we will address:

  • Increase awareness of new benefits to meet employees and employers where they are

  • Practical and attainable strategies for executing these initiatives

  • Building consensus within your hospital to achieve impactful results

11:35 AM - 12:35 PM

Exceed Price Transparency Compliance and Combat Staffing Challenges with a Modern Digital Patient Experience

Moderator: David Peterson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, AccuReg


Michelle Fox, Director of Revenue Operations and Patient Access, Health First

Sue Plank, Director of Patient Access, Goshen Health

With the majority of hospitals delaying price transparency compliance in 2021, a new proposed rule is set to slam hospitals with hefty penalties of up to $2M annually beginning Jan. 2022. Join this webinar to learn how to avoid penalties while improving patient satisfaction and increasing revenue. We’ll share strategies for meeting and exceeding price transparency compliance using automated patient access, intake and engagement processes to generate accurate out-of-pocket price estimates and one-touch payments to collect more revenue. With the majority of hospitals delaying price transparency compliance in 2021, a new proposed rule is set to slam hospitals with hefty penalties of up to $2M annually beginning Jan. 2022. Join this webinar to learn how to avoid penalties while improving patient satisfaction and increasing revenue. We’ll share strategies for meeting and exceeding price transparency compliance using automated patient access, intake and engagement processes to generate accurate out-of-pocket price estimates and one-touch payments to collect more revenue. 


Key learning objectives are: 

  • Understand why price transparency should be a priority regardless of compliance requirements and how it benefits both patient and hospitals.

  • Illustrate how to avoid government penalties by exceeding price transparency compliance rules using automated processes for patient access and engagement. 

  • Identify the technology needed to systematically predict and prevent errors that ensure data integrity and create a positive digital patient experience.

  • Create a framework to generate accurate estimates of patient out-of-pocket costs and collect more revenue with one-touch payments.

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12:35 PM - 1:35 PM

Preparing for the Future: Healthcare Outside the Hospital

Moderator: Maria Castellucci, Content Strategist, Modern Healthcare


Amy Andersen, Industry Executive Director, Healthcare, Oracle

Paul Caiazzo, Chief Information Security Officer, Avertium

Ron  Emerson, Global Healthcare Lead, Zoom

Greg Sheff, MD, Interim Segment President, Home Solutions, Humana

The industry is at a moment of disruption as stakeholders rethink the traditional way of providing care. In this discussion, hear from a diverse panel of industry experts about the future of care delivery both in the hospital setting and beyond its four walls. Join this panel to hear how providers are re-imagining acute care, the promise of home health, current barriers that stand in the way of care transformation including security challenges and how technology is poised to disrupt the industry.

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1:35 PM - 2:35 PM

A New Era of Telehealth: Bringing Proven Hospital Solutions Home

Moderator: Steve Eck, Content Strategist, Modern Healthcare


Sarah Brace, BSN, RN, Readmissions Clinical Analyst, Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center

Jody Murray, APRN-BC, Manager of Advanced Practice Providers, Baptist Health South Florida

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, University Hospitals

This session brings together a panel of respected industry experts, including leading physicians, technology leaders, and hospital administrators, to discuss how remote monitoring technologies have been implemented around the world by both large and small hospital systems to enhance telehealth programs and provide “hospital at home” solutions. 
The discussion will be focused on exploring how this new era of telehealth has expanded how hospital care teams can use telehealth platforms to provide care to patients suffering from episodic, chronic, and high-acuity conditions from the comfort of their homes. The discussion will also cover how hospitals are using these technologies with the goal of increasing patient satisfaction and improving patient outcomes, and reducing readmission rates, administrative, and overhead costs and improving hospital throughput.


Join this session to learn: 

  • How remote monitoring solutions can enhance telehealth programs and provide care teams with clinical data and intervention methods. 

  • How hospital systems can leverage remote monitoring systems to manage patient surges, as well as chronic and episodic care. 

  • Best practices gained from real life experiences implementing the technology during COVID-19 surges. 

  • How telehealth is predicted to evolve in the next three to five years and the role remote monitoring technologies are expected to have as a result of that growth.

2:35 PM - 3:35 PM

Care Delivery of the Future: Digital Health Empowered by Ultrasound

Moderator: John Martin, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Butterfly Network, Inc.


Adam Willmann, Chief Executive Officer and President, Goodall-Witcher Hospital Authority

Digital health is rapidly evolving the way we provide care. Evaluating and adopting new technology is critical for hospital executives and administrators to ensure that their facilities are providing the best care for their communities. Dr. John Martin, Chief Medical Officer at Butterfly Network, will be joined by Adam Willmann, Chief Executive Officer and President at Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton, Texas to discuss how utilizing information supports timely clinical decision-making and creates workflow improvements, helping clinicians achieve better outcomes and the hospital of the future.


Learning objectives include:

  • Identify pain points and challenges in providing care in the current healthcare climate

  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities in multiple care delivery settings

  • Define opportunities for immediate advancements for the hospital of the future

3:35 PM - 4:35 PM

Agile and Aligned: The Executive Leadership Team in the Hospital of the Future

Moderator: Melissa A. Fitzpatrick, RN, President, Kirby Bates Associates


Dennis J. Kain, Senior Vice President, Kirby Bates Associates

Tony Slonim, MD, President and CEO, Renown Health

David Zambrana, RN, Executive VIce President and Chief Operating Officer, Jackson Health System

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for healthcare executive leadership to be more closely aligned across all domains. As never before, organizations are seeking the clinical, operational and financial insights of experienced healthcare and nurse executives to inform recruiting across all C-Suite roles. 

It could be argued that the COVID-19 pandemic represents the greatest volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in the last 100 years in healthcare.  The concept of agile leadership turns the traditional leadership paradigm upside down as traditional top-down management is too sluggish. Through the use of agile leadership principles, organizations can respond quickly and handle the increasing ambiguities.  The agile leadership approach promotes giving teams the mandate and the freedom to make their own decisions. This shift in decision-making allows teams to respond quickly to new market changes and opportunities.

4:35 PM - 5:05 PM

Closing Keynote

Better Health, Easier: How Geisinger’s Integrated Model is Building Healthier Communities for the Future


Alison Hess, Vice President of Health and Wellness, Geisinger

Karen Murphy, MD, Chief Innovation Officer , Geisinger

Jaewon Ryu, MD,  President and Chief Executive Officer, Geisinger

Led by Chief Executive Officer and President, Dr. Jaewon Ryu, leaders at Geisinger will demonstrate how their approach to integrated primary care across all aspects of the organization is making an impact on patients today, while also having an eye for the future. Learn how Geisinger is competing with healthcare consumerism, utilizing data and predictive analytics, and addressing social determinants of health to live out its mission to make better health easier.

5:05 PM - 5:10 PM

Closing Comments from the Publisher      

Fawn Lopez, Publisher, Modern Healthcare and Vice President, Crain Communications


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