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The Looking Ahead to 2024 Virtual Briefing brings together top executives from providers, insurers, tech companies, and organizations in the healthcare ecosystem. In this engaging virtual setting, we will dive into discussions on how policies and technologies are set to revolutionize the upcoming year.


You won't want to miss the chance to discover game-changing solutions and implementation strategies that will propel your organization's success in 2024 and beyond. Join us now to secure your spot and seize a competitive edge

DECEMBER 6, 2023

Registrants get the benefit of attending the “live” event as well as access to the recording for up to 90 days.


agenda is subject to change

9:00 AM - 9:05 AM

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Seka Palikuca, Editor Custom Content, Modern Healthcare

9:05 AM - 9:35 AM

Opening Keynote: The Time is Now: Solving the Physician Shortage Crisis

Record-high physician burnout and medical workforce shortages are impacting patients in every corner of our country. America's healthcare system is near a breaking point as rates of chronic disease surge, life expectancy declines, and tens of millions of Baby Boomers will soon require more advanced levels of care. In this fireside chat, American Medical Association President Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld will talk about a health system in crisis, the common frustrations physicians are experiencing, and what’s at stake for patients. He’ll lay out sensible steps that lawmakers must take today to solve our physician shortage emergency over the long haul.

Speaker: Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, President, American Medical Association

9:35 AM - 10:35 AM

The 2024 Outlook for Value-Based Care

As health systems and physician organizations navigate the journey from fee-for-service to advanced forms of risk, there are ample opportunities to optimize performance in 2024 and beyond. During this session, experts will explore trends and challenges expected to impact value-based care in the year ahead, sharing compelling new research and insights around risk-based models. The discussion will focus on identifying tangible opportunities in value and overcoming key complexities. Attendees will hear from leading experts who are already operationalizing their organizations for risk and achieving high performance in value-based care, discovering winning strategies to dramatically improve patient outcomes, reduce total cost of care and maximize shared savings.

Moderator: Chuck Eberl, Chief Strategy Officer, Navvis

Joyjit Saha Choudhury, Managing Director, Kaufman Hall

Ingrid Lund, PhD, Executive Director, The Health Management Academy

Matt Hanley, MD, Chief Market Executive, Navvis

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10:35 AM - 11:35 AM

Preventing Workplace Violence in 2024 — It’s Not Optional

While 2024 is poised to be a boon for health tech innovation, people will always be healthcare’s most important asset. With staff burnout and personal safety concerns reaching new heights, better care delivery starts with the most valuable investments you can make: solutions that protect your people and stabilize your workforce. Join seasoned healthcare executives with decades of experience in a panel discussion about why it’s not optional for healthcare organizations to take proactive action to protect their people from violence, harm and aggression in 2024.

Moderator: Gail Donovan, Past President of Health Services and Chief Operating Officer, TriHealth


Ronald Paulus, MD, Past President and CEO, Mission Health
Erin Jaynes, Past Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, SSM Health
Howard Grant, MD, Former President and CEO, Lahey Clinic and Health System

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11:35 AM - 12:35 AM

Health Equity in Cardiovascular Care: The Role of Race in Risk Prediction, Treatment and Outcomes

Healthcare disparities exist and persist in various aspects of cardiovascular care and treatment. To help advance health equity in this important clinical arena, a panel of distinguished experts will present a foundation for an interdisciplinary approach and race-free tool to support cardiovascular care more equitably and holistically. They will discuss using the framework of cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic health, a new approach to heart care announced in October, and the new PREVENT cardiovascular risk calculator, all of which are poised to make a significant impact in reducing disparities.

Moderator: Angie Stewart, Content Strategist, Custom Media, Modern Healthcare


Mitchell Elkind, MD, Chief Clinical Science Officer, American Heart Association; Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Columbia University
Sadiya S. Khan, MD, Magerstadt Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chiadi E. Ndumele, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Obesity and Cardiometabolic Research, Division of Cardiology, Johns Hopkins University
Gerald E. Johnson II, Executive Vice President of Health Equity and Chief Diversity Officer, American Heart Association

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12:35 AM - 1:35 AM

Comprehensive Strategies to Create and Enable an Effective Workforce in 2024

The healthcare workforce is grappling with unprecedented staffing shortages, fierce competition for talent, high turnover rates and escalating costs, with these trends expected to continue in 2024. To overcome workforce challenges, health system leaders will need to adopt innovative approaches that provide direct control of staffing operations and costs. In this session, healthcare staffing experts share tactics to build a sustainable workforce strategy including technology solutions, new staffing models and unique recruitment and retention approaches.

Moderator: Maria Castellucci, Deputy Editor, Custom Content, Modern Healthcare


Robin Johnson, Group President, Nursing and Allied Solutions, AMN Healthcare
Meredith Lapointe, Chief Business Officer, AMN Healthcare
Patrick McCall, Chief Growth Officer, AMN Healthcare
Nishan Sivathasan, Division President, Technology and Workforce Solutions, AMN Healthcare

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1:35 AM - 2:05 PM

Closing Keynote: Making Value-Based Care a Reality: How Thinking Differently Drives Success

Value-based care adoption has the potential to transform healthcare outcomes, and costs, but driving system-wide change can be challenging. In this keynote presentation, learn how Presbyterian Healthcare Services approaches value-based care implementation and keeps innovation at the forefront throughout the transition. Dr. Jason Mitchell, chief clinical transformation officer/chief medical officer, will explore how value-based care leads to improved patient experience when approached with a fresh mindset.

Moderator: Angie Stewart, Content Strategist, Custom Media, Modern Healthcare


Jason Mitchell, MD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

2:05 PM - 2:10 PM

Content Editor's Adjournment

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